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The descriptions of seminars below will give you the opportunity of creating a first impression of the In House Training offered by ЕМС. With the joint analysis and concept development, aims, contents and methods can be coordinated and can comply with the requirements of the client organisation.
In the area of administration and management:
Introductory seminar for senior management
This seminar covers three important management competence areas, including planning of individual measures and how to guarantee their implementation.
Tasks and roles of successful executive employees
 The different roles and tasks of the managerial position (own strengths and need for development, personal interests and necessities determined by the situation in the company)
 Personal impact analysis
 Various ways of understanding and perceiving the organization and its environment – possible consequences
 Perception and communication
Employee and team oriented management
 Developing a comprehensive understanding of management
 Comparing theories and models and comparing them with one’s own repertoire
 Motivation and achievement; employee and team development
 Further development of sensitivity for processes in the group
 Checking one’s own understanding of management and awareness of the possible consequences of different management styles
 Management and delegation styles
Strategic management and administration in the strategic change process
 Providing and developing strategic resources
 Prerequisites for successful work on the strategy
 Strategic planning structure and process
 Stages in the process of change
 “Impact portfolio“ in the organization and one’s own success
 Management in the process of change and stimulating the willingness to change and the learning capacity in one’s own area of activity
Planning personal measures and implementation mode. Contacts in the form of “Peer Group Meetings“ (partnerships for learning), which will continue working after the seminar.

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