Logistics as Competitive Factor

In the European Union Market






 The programmes aims to give individuals a deeper understanding of the breadth of issues likely to be encountered by modern supply chain management and to offer practical approaches. The course is designed to give delegates an understanding of the factors which motivate people and influence the way in which they work together. The importance of the main control and cost parameters applicable in logistics management are considered and the potential for their improvement. During the programmes there are a series of activities to allow the delegates to develop the skills taught during the practices. This aims to improve their team building skills by developing an understanding of how the behaviour of team leaders and members affects the team structure


 The purpose of the program is to waste no time on inessentials, but focuses strongly on those key topics, which appear in the Logistic Management practitioner’s professional life. We aim to give the delegates a through insight into the purpose, goals and theory needed in successful Logistic Resource Management


 Informing companies about the latest logistics technologies and trends with different exposition stands. To maintain and respectively increase competitiveness of small and medium sized enterprises, they should use innovative concepts. This becomes necessary because by going beyond the framework of the company, the information and material flow management – termed also Supply Chain Management – can function only if small and medium sized enterprises also plan their logistics processes with more advanced aspects








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