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EVN Bulgaria a cycle of training in different departments and teams: Successful communication and teamwork, self-organization and time management, presentation techniques, conducting interviews, and more moderation.

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OMV Bulgaria- Better training on sales, Negotiation, Teamwork, Project Management

Metro Cash and Carry Bulgaria - a cycle of training for customer service, sales and pregovori.Ethical Negotiating for professionals, Negotiating skills.

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Tandem Ltd

Raicommerce Construction Ltd. - development of an overall plan for continuous training of senior and middle management of the company. Two-year cycle of training in motivational schemes, management by coordinating goals, budgeting, BSC, Create a project team, Project management, moderation and creativity, time management and stress, etc..
In June 2009 g.startira joint staff training, financed by the OP Human Resources Development.''

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HO Bulgarian Posts - training of senior and middle management, entitled: "Logistics as a factor for competitiveness,''the organization of visits and exchange of management in Austria.
Training skills for teamwork and successful communication.

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Solid 55 Ltd - training introduction to the theory of Balanced ScoreCard (BSC). Structure, development, perspectives

CEZ Bulgaria - training of various departments and teams: Successful communication and teamwork, oh roaring representatives of direction on Logistics Business Correspondence and communication

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Praktiker EOOD - Training of Trainers (TTT) - interactive form of presentation of theoretical knowledge, skills training and discuss practical problems and case studies.

Lufthansa Technik Sofia Ltd. - training of management teams, entitled: "Management skills, communication and teamwork,''Communication and Conflict Management

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Istra Ltd. - a cycle of training on creating and managing teams, coordination of management objectives, an annual talk with employees, strategic planning and control.

Dunapak Rodina JSC - continuous training 5 modules for a period of 3 years management and motivation, management of personal resources and time stress Tselepolagane project management, organizational communication and team management.

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ORT SA - training on strategies to reduce costs in the firm, teamwork and motivation, working with customers, successful sales and more.

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Debulko Ltd. - consultancy for senior and middle management, analysis of revenue and cost-optimization, BSC, Financial Management.

Industrial Construction Holding SA - organizing a 3-module training program for senior and middle management of the company. Organizing a business forum of the Austrian construction companies to exchange best practices and mechanisms for overcoming the crisis.

NHIF - training for the introduction of new accounting standards, the General Management Training in Austria of the heads of regional banks and exchange experience.

CAM BS Ltd. - Successful sales training and management of customer relations, general management

Taxback International-Varna - a series of trainings on Teamwork, Motivate staff, successful communication

Care International-Bulgaria - modular training in fundraising, Project Management and Motivation of employees

Clio Ltd - a cycle of training and successful sales skills to work with customers, successful negotiations;

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 Story Consult Ltd - training at different levels of management teams on leadership skills and project management;
 PONS Bulgaria - Negotiations training and successful sales;
 Winslow Developments Ltd. - Professional training in sales and negotiations with clients;
 Dyavach Ltd. - business skills training and successful communication with customers;
 Keppel FELS Ltd. Baltech - Training Development and improvement of skills assessment of staff;
 Applied Language Solutions - consulting teams for successful communication skills for telephone sales;
 Bankservice - Successful training on project management, teamwork and communication;

 Evroprint Bulgaria - training on Controlling, Financial Management, General Management, Introduction of BSC;
 Ivan 7 LTD - training in Leadership, team building and successful Project management;

 Epsilon Construction Ltd - training in management of business processes in the company by coordinating management goals;
 Geo Power Ltd.- Development of training skills of project management, communication and teamwork;

 PHL Invest LTD – Advice on maximizing the holding cost, Entering Balanced ScoreCard (BSC)-structure, development, prospects;
 Izomat International Ltd. - training of sales teams in sales skills and negotiating with clients;

 Monika Nikolova ET - training sales skills and customer-oriented behavior, assessing the behavior of the commercial sales team of the company;

 Kitner Bulgaria Ltd. - Training in Management Skills, Financial Management and Controlling, successful teamwork;

 ZAD Allianz Bulgaria - training of sales teams in sales skills and customer service;

 Elidis Ltd - training on proper communication skills, general management, strategy building company;

 ACO Building Ltd. elements - cycle skills training in sales and successful communication with clients, and successful negotiations Project management;

 Hall Effect Ltd - a series of courses on Business Process Management, Sales skills and communication with customers;
 Levee Line Ltd. - training on Sales and Marketing, Strategic Marketing and General Management for the management of the company;
 Ltd. construction machinery - Training of senior and middle management on strategies to reduce costs in the company, Project Management, Teamwork and motivation, working with customers, successful sales and more.


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