Contact seminar for Logistics in Vienna

The European Management Centre organized�together with the Austria-COS Academy trainings on "Current tendencies in the development of logistics". It was attended by managers from 25 Bulgarian companies like SIS Industries, Ltd. Teletek, Evrotranslayn Ltd., Bulgarian Posts EAD and others.

The main purpose of the contact seminar is to�bring together�representatives of the Bulgarian and Austrian companies in the areas of�transport, logistics, manufacturing, retail and others. This seminar should enable to establish contact with each other, exchange experiences, to create new partnerships and�to initiate new activities and ideas . All this will help�to enhance the competitiveness of the companies on the common European market.

Following main topics were examined:

• Logistics and supply chain management;
• Application of logistics and management of the supply chain in different fields and sectors;
• Information technology in logistics;
• Training in logistics;

The development of the logistics sector in Austria is of�note to managers working in the logistics industry. These interest�led to�meetings with union Logistics, Austria
(www.vnl.at), Logistics Center Steyr.�At this meeting�European best practices were presented, such as Kuehne + Nagel (www.kn-portal.com), Solomon (www.salomon.at). Afterwards it was possible to�visit the company Kwizda (www.kwizda.at) and others.




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