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People leading companies and businesses-Executives, Owners, Strategic Managers
Conference Registration Information
Your registration fee covers your attendance at the program/conference/, receipt of materials, hotel cost, meals, and special events and. Through the generosity of the program hosts, we are able to offer you this opportunity at a less price.
What makes this event unique?
By creating the atmosphere /friendly professional and confidence/ and environment and surroundings which framed the program as a unique.
Special Events:
Welcoming dinner, around the country Baden-area visits (Easter shopping tour), golf resort sailing navigation, dinner with keynote speakers, taste specifics of Austria (everything included in the fee)
Programme Facilities:
The conference will be held at Baden bei Wien, Austria and surroundings
What we should gain from the program:
This four days intensive program is devoted to receiving and exchanging: Real business, Real life and Professional experiences- adversity and benefits in business, real practices and ideas about how leaders can lead with resilience, whether in the private, public, or nonprofits sectors, and whether in Europe there are. Presenters draw upon their own experiences and those of others who have faced difficult decisions under demanding circumstances-transitional period /new European Market/. They identify the capabilities that are required to lead a organization or group through an uncertain and challenging period — and the personal capacities essential for remaining affirmative and persistent in an unpredictable and stressful business environment.
The Program includes:
Training program– 7 modules; audio - visual study materials; 4* hotel accommodation and food; co-ordination of events in Austria; organization of supplementary training activities in Austria; Co-ordination and organization of technically-relevant business internships and visits to companies in Austria; Organization of events which will support commercial relations; Welcoming dinner, Pleasant evenings in typical Austrian wine house ; Play in casino /25 euro thickets free/; Thermal bed sauna/free/; certificate; Diploma delivering dinner – Prof. Stefan Hlawacek University of Wien. Concert in Wien.
In the Programmme:
An overview of the most helpful organizational support tools and when to use them
The programme will be supported by an ongoing project exercise that will see the group actually using the skills and testing the ideas. The whole programme will be recorded as 10 screencasts and made available to each participant.
Program Approaches
How to Brainstorm Properly
How to Run Meetings Effectively
How to Present Ideas Persuasively
Interpersonal Communication: Delegating, Giving Feedback, Coaching & Correcting
Training is more about telling and showing * what the model behavior or function should be



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