Managing Your Boss and Your Managers
 Corporate Communication Development Process for Industry and Successful Communication Management&Inovation-Leadership Responsibility in crisis and post crisis situation
 The performance management system - PDD, supports an integrated approach toward organizational effectiveness by aligning result-based performance, desired behaviors, rewards and support for development.
 CSR Perspectives. What should be done?
 Additional activities that companies could engage in
Take the lead, or partake, in the establishment of a local “partnership group”
Through staff agreements commit a small proportion of
Staff salaries to agreed actions
 Provide business specific skills to NGO’s or established “partnerships” (accounting, management, marketing)
Organize staff team-building exercises, which include nature issues.
Plant native trees, bushes or other vegetation on company property or develop a biodiversity action plan for company sites.
 Develop a strategy for company CSR including the area of the environment
 For a company to get involved, and remain interested, the initiatives should be close to the heart of the company.
 Furthermore, the company should have trust in its potential partners, as well as the implementers of its activities.
 Companies often see poor activity implementation as undesirable, or even as a “deal-breaker”.
 Companies that are engaged like to be so with a minimum of direct involvement by the business itself.
 At the end of the day there are many ways companies can engage in environmental activities and it is up to the individual business manager to decide how they will do so.
 Business people need to find their own niche where they feel that they can provide benefits to their business and to society.
 What others can do, is to help them reach that goal.
And Finally: CSR as a Great Marketing Instrument to Increase Your Potential and Sells
 Benefits of effective CRM
There are significant business benefits which accrue from an effective, integrated Customer Relationship Management approach. These include:
 reduced costs, because the right things are being done (ie., effective and efficient operation)
 increased customer satisfaction, because they are getting exactly what they want (ie., exceeding expectations)
 ensuring that the focus of the organization is external
 growth in numbers of customers
 Maximization of opportunities (eg. increased services, referrals, etc.)
 increased access to a source of market and competitor information
 highlighting poor operational processes
 long term profitability and sustainability
Forward thinking organizations understand the vital need to maintain a strategic focus on CRM and to resource and manage it appropriately.
 Winning and pleasing new Customers
Sessions: Interspersed with Exercises, Discussion, Questions
        What kind of businesses are we in?
 The Growth and Range of Services business
 Business to Consumer and Business to Business
 Geographic, Cultural and Business differences
 Characteristics of the successful sales people
 Developing and Expanding Customer Business Opportunities
 EMC *NGO New Model
NGO as a Greater support of a Using your knowledge and talent to be cooperative and more sell as well 
 Planning - the activity-under stress of circumstances, to change into
  Business planning at the NPO
  Strategy and Business Plan
          Step-by-step reports preparation
          Balanced Score Card as an instrument for application - activity plan
 Negotiations, tactical negotiating -NGO specifics
  Roles of negotiator
          Negotiation techniques
          Practice on situations for conduct of negotiations
 LEADERSHIP & EMC Leadership Models/best Practices/
The ability to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organizations of which they are members, is leadership. Effective leadership is the single most reliable predictor of employee satisfaction in an organization. A leader’s ability to communicate clearly and effectively is considered the other key factor to building trust and confidence.
  Leadership Traits
Recent research suggests that there are several traits that are recognized in great leaders. There are areas that any leader needs to be aware of and to know.







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