High Profile Management Knowledge




Austria is one of the first industrial countries, which has started workable programs, connected with the education and support of developing countries in their passage from planed to free market economy. Having good and friendly relationships with the adjoining countries of the former Eastern Region, Austria is willing to support economically Eastern Europe. Of course, this support includes the transfer of specific knowledge, business practeces
To engage Austrian companies Leaders and Managers with capacity and good reputation in their efforts to unify the praxis and theory in the sphere of the market economy
 Qualified managers and leaders
 People may to speed up the ambitious of the small and large businesses
 Leaders who may to train consultants-professionals
 People may to open new market relations of Austria and other European countries, which will lead to mutual business interests.
These workshops are documented by several valuable inputs. It is very important for the delegates from the reforming Europe areas.These meetings  give their delegates better professional opportunities and in that way they have a decisive influence over the private planning in their carrier.
Focus Orientation Base
 Main and operative strategic management of the company
 Establishing of own business
 Management of finance, book-keeping and control
 Marketing and communications
 Management of personnel and motivation
 Education in the sphere of business administration
 Privatization of small and large business
 Sell and buy businesses  
 Creation of competitive environment
 Management of education for consultants
 Special management items, such as banks, health insurance, tourism, logistics, etc.
 Young undertakers/contractors, who want to start their own business
 Business strategy for the new Europe
 Strategy-as stretch and leverage
 Fix the process, not the problem
 Predators and prey
 The fountain of youth
 Managing across borders: New organizational responses
 When small is beautiful







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