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This thought-provoking program, led by Christel Sommervold, professional trainer and consultant, will enable a productive and progressive transition to strategic leadership.

During this intensive two-day programme, you will analyse and deconstruct organisations and your personal working style to develop a fresh approach to leadership success. The workshop is coupled with group and individual feedback, challenging exercises and practical strategy tools that are ready to run in the workplace on your return.

Is it right for me?

This course will benefit those new to senior management, or who wish to expand and consolidate their skills in a senior role. Anyone who is up for a promotion will benefit from attending this course.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

Define the differences between senior management and operational management.
Adapt existing leadership skills into a more empowered and creative approach to leadership.
Develop your ability to think in visionary terms.
Understand the issues and dilemmas now facing organizations at a strategic level.
Recognize the key principles of process management.
Set objectives and manage performance in relation to the organisation as a whole.

What will it cover?

Making the Change to Senior Management

The challenges and opportunities facing new senior managers
Taking the organisational perspective
Changes in the business environment
Your organization and the business environment
Your role in relation to your organisation’s objectives as a whole
Working with and understanding the power and influence of stakeholders
Dealing with uncertainty and complexity

Business Management

Working and influencing across the organisation
Long term business planning - taking a longer term perspective
Developing a broader outlook - changing mindset

Process Management

Adapting and developing new skills to manage process changes
How to transform business processes for sustained competitive advantage
Understanding the fundamental differences between radical transformation and continuous improvement
The key principles and concepts of process transformation

Performance Management

A strategic view of performance management
Managing performance and setting objectives in relation to the organisation as a whole

People Management

Managing other managers: the new skills this role demands
Adapting existing leadership skills into a more empowered and creative approach to leadership
Creating an effective people management strategy
Directing versus managing people
Acquiring or refreshing your coaching skills to bring out the best in others


Each participant will receive handouts

The fee for participation in the Open Program is €140 (excluding VAT)

The program can be conducted as In House Training for a particular company, in which case it will be taken into account the specific activity of such company. The Training will be custom tailored to the specific needs of the client, stressing issues and topics from the content that represent a particular interest.

The In House Training corresponds with the time conveniences of each company.

The fee for the In House Training is negotiable.




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