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European Management Centre,


Has the pleasure to present you the






Strategic Human Resource Management CLASSIC


1. - 2. April 2013, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Integrated Training Program on Effective Communication Skills

The program is run by a leading lecturer and designed to prepare you for your future professional career and your successful business as well


The Programme Leader is very successful in: Human Resource Strategies.Negotiation Techniques Integrated Communications Skills and successful in creating innovative communications strategies, which have helped to enhance corporate image and reputation, as well as increase business internationally.


The purpose of the program is to waste no time on inessentials, but focuses strongly on those key topics, which appear in the HRM practitioner’s professional life. Human Resource Management is highly overseen function in businesses today, yet the success of the HR Department is vital to any organization or company’s success.in the seminar we aim to give the participants a through insight into the purpose, goals and theory needed in successful Human Resource Management.





After intensive studies, this program offers the participants the possibility to

q  Get to know modern forms of Human Resource development

q  Recruit and employ personnel properly

q  Motivate employees better

q  Know the principles of personnel promotion


Challenging work on corporate interpersonal communication


·         Focus on increasing business effectiveness through interpersonal skills

·         Look at strategic principles of HR policy and structure

·         Consider the strategic principles of Organization Design


Strategic Management for Managers and Managing the Personnel

The program aims the building of

¨    Leadership skills

¨    Selecting skills

¨    Observation skills and skills for gaining experience

¨    Skills for making important decisions

¨    Skills for building real self-confidence

¨    Skills for spreading impact and influence

¨    Building image

¨    Negotiations and dialog skills

¨    Skills to build reputation

¨    Skills for marketing approach to market processes

¨    Skills for using PR and commercial


Target Group

·      Executives, Top and middle-level managers

·     People, setting up their own business

·     The program is also highly effective as a brush-up for those, who would benefit from updating their knowledge in this field.

Training Method

o  The program is interactive and requires your participation individually and in groups

o  Trainer presentation, explanation and theory

o  Impulse statements, Practical assignments

o  Role plays. Plenary discussions

o  Case studies, Articles and other materials, Audio-visual media presentation


Еffective Management of Human Resources

q  Management functions

q  Management and delegation of rights

q  Management and motivation

q  Management and compensation, mechanisms

Guidance and Practical Application of Management

q  The skill and the way to communicate successfully at different levels of the personnel

Strategic Management based on Effective Communication


q  Improvement and success in business by potential effort and management of Human Resources.

q  Evaluation of strong positions.

q  Evaluation of our strengths and understanding of the necessity of their improvement in the Human Resources Management.

q  Building of self-made correct criteria at choosing the personnel.

q  Building a system of skills at Management of HR.

q  How to direct your strivings and ambitions and those of the personnel.

q  Criteria and directions for evaluation of job interviews and appropriate selection of the personnel.

q  Management of change processes and stimulation of assimilation readiness.

q  HR Management at evaluation of side activities, reactions and consequences.

q  HR Management and balance between a person and team working.

q  HR Management and sensibility of processes in the team

q  HR Management at different communication situations.

q  HR Management in conflict situations.

Modern Strategic Modulation for Success at Management

q  Building of a system for protecting team interest in competitive market environment

Planning the Recruit of Personnel

q  Information sources for recruiting personnel

q  Precondition for recruiting personnel

q  Methods for choosing and recruiting personnel

q  Performance at recruiting

q  Check and patience periods. Balance of interaction

q  External and internal recruiting and inclusion

q  System for prior observation and treating the personnel

q  Maintenance of mechanism of stability

Motivation of the Personnel and Systems for Stimulation

q  Classification of motifs

q  Physical, psychical and social

q  Needs and motivation system

q  Stimulation system elements

q  Different stimulation methods

q  Increase of effectiveness of employees work by objective educational measures





The Programme Leader


     An executive mentor and consultant in career development, change management with a wide and varied executive background in Corporate HR and specialist advanced management. He has recruited from European MBA schools and managed executive outplacement programs for several European corporations. His approach combines the hard realities and demands of business performance with rigorous application of behavioural and motivational psychology to achieve the growth of management potential. Here special interest is in bespoke executive development programs.

Management Development Consultancy Established the policy and implemented the full outplacement programmes for 150 staff last 15 years

Ran Successful Assessment Centers to create a new team from three culturally disparate companies

Management Training, Development and Recruitment Director, Great Communicator and Charismatic personality   




v Практическата фаза за предоставяне на актуална информация по Темата, продължава след Обучението

v Програмата може да се проведе и като In House Training за определена компания, отчитаща специфичните особености на дейността и проведена в удобен за нея период

v Таксата за In House Training е въпрос на договаряне


Информация и записвания:

Е-mail: emc@emcbg.eu

Tелефони за контакти: + 359 2 944 47 58

Дата и място: EMC Зала 2014 г.,10:00 - 17:00

Таксата за участие в Открита програма е 280 лева (без ДДС)



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