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Integrated Communications Skills
Training Programme
 PUBLIC RELATIONS It is no coincidence that companies and high-ranking industrial officials have chosen our programs
 Reputation and image take years to build and one minute to destroy.
Effective Public Relations is becoming more and more important in this globalised, web based world where a story breaks and is across the globe sometimes before the company is made aware. The need for an Integrated Communications Structure is being recognised by more companies and effective crisis management is a must. How to go about your Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) and how to realise the full benefits of such a programme is also a major issue for most companies.
 This course is designed for new and experienced PR practitioners and gets to the core issues of modern PR. Using a mix of short lectures, case studies, exercises and discussions the course takes the participants through the PR jungle. The philosophy of the programme is learning by doing and through the mistakes of others.
 The PR industry is booming in Bulgaria and this course is a must for anybody involved in this ever expanding sector.
Discussion Points In the Programme
 Advice to Media Alternative Media Outlets  Requirements of an Effective Program of Communication
 Key Internal Questions                            Online Advantages
 Key Questions to Ask Vendors                 Europe versus American Print Media
 What is a blog                                       Letters as a Continuation of Process
 Building a Corporate Reputation               Press Releases
 The Rewards of Being                             Putting Together A Weekly Campaign
 Viewed as a Winner                                 Transparency and Corporate Governance
 Rewards of High Corporate Equity             The Role of PR
 Communication and PR                           A Primer in Internet Audience
 Connected PR and Communication           Measurement-size, composition Internet Metrics
 EQ-Emotional Quotient                           Unique Visitors
 Focus on Core Vision                              Template Releases, Immediate Releases.
 Effective Communication

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Дата и място:  2014 г.,10:00 - 17:00

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