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You can be assured that We  will do anything we can, to help you and your business move forward and would come to Your Company as and when needed and for as long as needed.
Some of our Experts ran a very successful property development business and if any of these skills are transefable to your coaching vision then  we are willing to come and do what is needed
We can look at that as for us in property development the three main goals were:
Short Vision of Corporate Team Coaching Process, which is a main part of Leadership Corporate Company Development, especially having work in big international companies, you know this very well from your experience.
Not a management consultant
Personnel – we were consultants – most important element main ways to encourage staff
 Nowadays most valuable knowledge could come from non-professional training coaches, from real global business practician/Like you/
I hope that by sharing our excitement and our values across the business management coaches process, we ll inspire every high and middle level manager
 To revolutionize the training process/to pretentious and ambitious, I am sorry/ by giving managers a uniquely innovative and alternative to traditional way 
Let’s think about our mission statement
 Our real intention in this process could be be to develop the participant's new fresh ideas; of how to be more motivated in the process of Let’s say/Team working, staff management integration/despite they are with different education system coming, but are equivalent weight, as knowledge and experience/more or less/; enough motivated practitioners on same employees levels and play role in corporate system as a part of strategic international staff.
Our structure of training should be tailored to decrease fluctuation as well and hold tight the team members, /without hold them by hand/ into long term team partners.
 Cultural and Ethical Challenges that International business Faces in Local area Business/Bulgaria and similar countries/ is always actual
 Courses like this can be of almost any length ranging from 2 days to a week or more.
 Which is the best way to work with the personnel and the partners abroad – a personal view?
Cultural differences when you are doing a business. The specialities of the places where Mr. Ronald J. Milne was. What should the people know in order to prevent misunderstandings – a personal view?


v Практическата фаза за предоставяне на актуална информация по Темата, продължава след Обучението

v Програмата може да се проведе и като In House Training за определена компания, отчитаща специфичните особености на дейността и проведена в удобен за нея период

v Таксата за In House Training е въпрос на договаряне


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