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Strategy and objectives

EMC Strategy and Objectives
EMC Aims to:

• Prepare Bulgarian entrepreneurs, executives, managers and employees for business activities;
• Train Bulgarian entrepreneurs to facilitate the approach to European standards and to pass challenges coming from Bulgaria's membership within the EU;
• Provide Know-how knowledge, skills and experience;
• Accomplish its business in the way of creating conditions for profitable and beneficial partnerships and working structures between Bulgarian and European business entrepreneurships;
• Work towards establishing a human business environment as part of the understanding that this is a most important perspective and necessary for many global businesses;
• Work on training programs to prepare young people for the responsibilities and demands of real life and business;
• Assist clients in understanding strategic approaches in general management and human resources management;
To encourage the understanding of culture and ethics in business, as an important part of successful contemporary management.


  It is our objective to be a reliable one-stop shop contact for our partners in all fields of basic and advanced vocational training, to provide relevant consultancy services and to assure their implementation in the operational business.

  Behind this background we cooperate with partners wherever it is necessary. Thus we remain the only contact address for our clients regarding their specific problems and we can guarantee to our clients the highly recognised top quality level for all of our services.

  This concept applies to all of our services offered domestically and abroad. The participation in consultancy projects and training programmes co-financed by the EU shows the European dimension of our activities. We are extending those cross-border cooperation’s step by step by setting up partnerships.

  EMC strives to meet the requirements. Main objective is to offer each trainee a high professional training, knowledge, experience and confidence, to manage businesses at all levels. In a comfortable atmosphere, combined with the use of modern tools, each customer activates his or her potential concerning future plans and activities.

  Henceforward the basic principle of EMC is to develop special tailored training programs to meet current needs of business. Attracting the best trainers and consultants with extensive practical and international experience and media know-how is a top priority of the Centre. The success of the General Management Program is due to good theoretical knowledge as well as to the given opportunity to exchange experiences and organize business forums (B2B) with international participation an the opportunity to share best European practices in management.

  EMC establishes a network of Bulgarian and foreign specialists who have appropriate expertise concerning projects with customer requirements.
Our consultants work in three languages - Bulgarian, English and German. EMC is working actively to develop management skills and to implement projects at both national and international level in order to build and validate the image of a loyal and professional expert.

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