1. Keep fit.
Research in the USA has shown (repeatedly) that people who are fit do better in their jobs. Sales teams which have undertaken a programme of exercise have improved their performance.
There is some evidence to show that mental sharpness improves after regular exercise - or even after a short burst of exercise.
2. Don't become a workaholic.
Overwork can damage you, your business and, possibly, your family. Don't hide behind any of the following excuses:
I am the only one who knows how to do it.
1 have no reliable staff.
I have no time to train and delegate.
If I go on holiday / slow down / work normal hours the business will
3. Avoid negative people.
There are plenty of negative people who will quickly tell you that something will not work. They will tell you that a new product or service will not sell, that costs will be too high, that the public will not like it - or even that your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/mistress/lover will not like it.
Avoid these pessimists. Cultivate energetic optimists who will encourage you, support you and give you ideas. Every idea is a good one until it is proved to be wrong.












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