Sales and Communications Department

EMC‘s Department Sales and Communications covers all aspects of modern collaborative Sales and corporative communications, as the face of sales is changing rapidly.
Selling is everything. No sales, no business. Not to say that other factors are not important such as people and training, but business in its simplest form boils down to selling the product or service.
It is our firm belief at EMC that if companies concentrate on increasing sales, they are more likely to consider other important factors for they will have the money to do so.
The Department is dealing extensively with In-House Trainings, because we belief that there are not two similar companies on the market, each is individual, with its specific needs and problems. That is the reason why we concentrate on custom tailored Trainings, stressing issues that are relevant to the client’s business sphere.
Through its International Consultancy and Training EMC corporate Communications promotes understanding in business through cross-cultural and international communications training.We operate by offering a range of training options and consultancy,Tailored personally to your requirements.With a dedicated team of consultants and associate consultants,EMC Communications is able to offer high quality,International experience and a successful track record
Areas of Expertise
Our consultative and training options are tailor made to suit the needs of each client. Following are some of the most requested subject areas:
Interpersonal Communications: How we interact with our colleagues is critical to the atmosphere within the corporation. We use psychometric tools and simulations to analyse the workforce, how to motivate them and to facilitate more fluent communications.
Strategic Negotiating & Dealmaking: Negotiating according to the Harvard, Wharton & Edinburgh models. Complete understanding of the negotiation process, negotiation analysis, tactics and communication styles.
Corporate Communications & Organizational Behaviour: How departments and the hierarchy interact with one another is very important in responding to and acting in a timely fashion to the requirements of the market.
Planning & Strategic Management: Plan and implement effective strategy. Understand your stre
ngths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Effective Selling: How to build collaborative relationships and more complex deals when selling. A more modern, ethical and long term view to selling products and services.
Dealing Cross Culture: Understand the fine points of dealing with different cultures. Business is the same all around the world, it’s how we go about it that’s different.
Persuasive Presentations: Presenting is an art that can be learned. This programme shows how to get your point across in the most effective way. Excellent for roadshows, sales or keynote speeches.
Building Project Teams: What is a team? How does it work (or not)? Which skills does a team need? How do team members communicate?
Human Resources Management (HRM): A total and complete review of the most up to date HRM policies. Once analysed, these policies and practices are selected and implemented if required.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM): One of the most important areas for a corporation is its relations with its customers and clients. Our CRM overview analyses present policy and suggests possible alterations.
Public Relations Management: As information spreads so quickly nowadays, it is critical to have efficient PR. From Dealing with the Media to Crisis Management, our PR review looks at all aspects and trends in modern PR.




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