The concept is
Orientated to a current market demands and
What are gaps in education and experience-to lead to the reality and success
 Domestic and international orientation-how to operate in the fast-paced changes, ever changing challenges in the tourism and hotel industry.
 Management –Essence. Characteristics. Levels. Mechanisms. Strategies. Prosperity.
 Personal Appointment-answer the purpose. Planning. Motivation. Assessment. Selection Training. Time management. Delegation. Administration.
 Marketing in tourism- Specifics. Characteristics. Strategy. Planning. Market segmentation. Research. Sales promotion. Techniques and tools.
 Communication-Specifics in tourism. Communication in and between companies and clients. How to use the data base information-come in and going out. Negotiation. Compositions, reports, specific word forms-job related situations.
 Behavior- Conduct, Manners-general. Deference’s of management levels and deferent positions. Standards of deportment. Specific adequate. How to keep the respect. Advantages.
 How to gain advantage over. Necessary knowledge and basic principles -professional service. Cultural aspects-multicultural Environment. Hospitality.
 Advertising. Tourism aspects of advertisements. The role of the advertising. How to get more clients.
 Research, inputs to the planning process. Creative production media. Local and International aspects. Managing. Strategy.
It is almost all people need to obtain as a knowledge and experience
Target group
 Entrepreneurs and managers from the tourist and hotel trade
 After this program, the participants will be able to do the following:
 Determine the product concept of their own business
 Develop and plan the budget for a hotel (guest house)
 Develop a marketing plan for a hotel (or guest house)
 Trends in tourism
 Interpreting and causing shifts in the value of businesses
 Catering concept
Financial Management-specifics in tourism-how to use resources
 Effective FM
 Golden rules
 Pricing calculation and formation of service package
 Business plan
 Budget planning
 Case studies. Time for questions Lectures, whole group discussions, audio-visual media

General Management in Hotel & Tourism Business
 Destinationsmanagement im Tourismus
Klaus Lorenz
Trends im internationalen Tourismus
Marketing & Sales for Hotels & Resorts
Astrid Steharing & Stephan Weinberger
Employee Relationship Management
Jörg Schober & Stephan Weinberger
 Management nach Kennzahlen und Geschäftsoptimierung in der Hotellerie
Jörg Schober & Astrid Steharing
Modul 1
 Introduction to Marketing and Sales in Hotel business
This skill sections gives a brief introduction to the concept of marketing/sales and details the key principles behind any marketing and sales plan: marketing orientation, market research and relationship marketing plus an outlook on the latest developments and trends especially concerning online marketing and sales.
By the end of this skill section you should have an understanding of:
 What marketing and sales means for hotels
 How marketing and sales affect you and your guests, your employees
 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basic concept of segmentation, targeting and positioning, branding
 How can successful online marketing zoom your hotel in the next stage
Modul II
Identifying your clients and target markets for hotels
This skill section will develop the participant's understanding of how businesses segment the market place. The skill section will assist the participant in developing practical skills in segmenting, targeting and positioning their offerings to appropriate markets.
In developing skills in segmenting, targeting and effective positioning, the business can discover the complexity of consumers, identify the variety of consumer needs and expectations, and design new product and service strategies to satisfy those needs and wants highlighted.
By the end of this skill section you will be able to:
 Illustrate your practical abilities by identifying potential target markets, target groups for your hotel/resort in a workshop session
 Analyze your business's position and how to use it to attract more clients
 how to set up a brief and practicable marketing and sales plan for your hotel
 General Managers and Assistant General Manager
 Reservation manager of hotels
 Banqueting and conference manager of hotels
Human Resources in Hotel business, Aspects
Modul III: Basics of up-to-date Staff Management
This skill section will develop the participant's understanding of how to approach the topic of modern staff management, motivational practices on different employee’s levels, bonus system and strategic staff development to decrease fluctuation and turn employees into long term partners.
By the end of this skill section you will be able to:
 Analyze the basic situation concerning employee management in your property
 Take steps to increase your service quality by staff motivation
 Develop strategies together with your employees – “from within”
 Decrease fluctuation by providing a fruitful and fell-well environment for your employees
Controlling, Aspects
Modul IV: Management by Key Figures
This skill section will develop the participant's understanding of the necessity of having the right key figures of your hotel and the necessary structures in administrational organization of your property that form the base. An outlook of how your hotel can be managed by key figures will be provided.
By the end of this skill section you will be able to:
 Introduce basic key figures in your hotel
 Analyze your hotel by these key figures
 Basic strategic planning and optimizing your investments with the help of basic key figures
Modul V: Online Marketing in hotel business
This skill section will develop the participant's understanding of the necessity of E-commerce and internet marketing in hotel business. It is a key figure in hotel sales and the most effective and cheapest way to advertise and sell.
By the end of this skill section you will be able to:
 Introduce basic key knowledge about online marketing
 Analyze your hotel and the presentation of your hotel in hotel portals (expedia, opodo etc.) and improvement of the presentation
 How to optimize search engine campaigns and key word marketing
 Which online campaigns are effective
 Web 2.0 – the future of tourism marketing?
Diploma evening
Summary of all successful factors – AUSTRIA as an example
Prof. Mag. Stefan Hlavacek
Mag. Helmut Prenner
Mag. Klaus Lorenz - Tourism in Baden
Mag. Astrid Steharnig - 15 years of experience in tourism in CEE / SME
Jörg Schober - 17 years of experience in urban and resort hotels




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