Corporate Identity
            Customers and competition analysis
            Working with the public at the NPO
            5 steps to introduce the social marketing
Budgeting-NGO strategy profile activities
Why budgeting?
            NPO budgeting techniques
            Budgeting errors
Planning - the activity-under stress of circumstances, to change into
Business planning at the NPO
Strategy and Business Plan
            Step-by-step reports preparation
            Balanced Score Card as an instrument for application - activity plan
Negotiations, tactical negotiating -NGO specifics
Roles of negotiator
            Negotiation techniques
            Practise on situations for conduct of negotiations
 Selected areas of the organization of processes
Case study of Non profit organizations
 Fundamentals of the management of personnel
 What the “personnel” is?
 Particular features compared to the other production factors
 Typical problems involving the personnel
 Instruments for management - NPO personnel
 Add session on working with volunteers and external pools of experts
 Employment Economic policy
Personnel Development
Recruitment and selection - employees
 Planning / required personnel
 Looking for a personnel/Searching Methods and Techniques/
 Personnel Selection in the Non-profit organization
Human efficiency
Stress management
 Wages: & calculation methods - salary establishment
 Efficiency measuring
 Decisions for Personnel appointment
Techniques for Development
 Quality management
 Driving up the economic Life quality of
 Creation of common values, aims and actions
 MMag.Irene Knava                                                       Mag.Helmut Prenner
 Irene Knava works for already 17 years as manager in the field of culture (e.g. the Danube Festival in Upper Austria); since 2000 she is the manager of the tickets distribution and marketing and fundraising at the Theatre of Josephstadt.
Winner of first prize at the Austrian Fundraising Awards 2005 for “Charity” donation campaign at Josephstadt Theatre
She has graduated from Vienna University, major Theatre Science (a combination between History of Arts, German Studies and Philosophy). She has studied commerce with Vienna Economic University and Postgraduate Studies on “Management of Culture” at the High School of Music and Fine Arts.
She has specialized in controlling (Austrian Controlling Institute), Fundraising (University of Indiana, USA)). Trainer in adults training (WIFI Vienna)
She is a lecturer at the Vienna University (“Marketing of Culture") and the High School of Music and Fine Arts in Vienna (Special subject: Fine Arts).
Lectures and seminars on the subjects: Marketing, Sponsoring, Fundraising, Controlling, as well as at the Austrian Congress of Fundraising, the Volunteers Academy, the Institute of International Research, Polycollege, Webster University, the High School of Music and Fine Arts, the Danube University at Krems.
2002-2004: Member of the Managing Board of the Austrian Fundraising Union - FMA




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